How I Was Able To Find The Best Builders In Chester For My New Home

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This post was written by one of our clients who happens to be be a professional write and who wanted to share their advice for finding the best building in Chester

My husband and I had been saving money for years so we could eventually own a home. We lived with my parents and were able to save a good bit of money. We gave them money every month to pay bills, but still were able to save. We knew that one day we wanted a home of our own, but wanted to be smart about it. After saving up for so long, we finally had a good amount to put as a down payment on a home. We started searching for real estate in Chester that we could buy. We looked at a few different homes, but we weren’t interested in them. We talked about looking at another one, then my husband said maybe we should just look into building one. I asked him if he knew of any Chester builders, but he didn’t. I told him I would search around to see what I could find out.

Since a friend of mine recently had a home built, I sent her a message asking her who built her home. She told me the name of the home builder, but said that she wouldn’t really recommend them. She said they took too long to complete her home because they were working on several other projects at the same time. She said she knew of another friend that had a home built quickly and she would ask who built that home. Shortly after that, she got back to me and let me know which builder was able to quickly build her friend’s home. I gave my husband this information so he could contact them to see what they charge.

In the meantime, I searched online for builders in Chester to see which other ones were available. I found several builders in the area with reviews right on Google. I read these reviews and found website for a few of the builders. I looked at them and saw some of the homes they had built in the past. I showed my husband these other builders so he could call them too. I figured comparing prices between them would be a great idea since it can vary from company to company.

After searching and calling around, my husband and I finally selected a home builder to hire. We had to find the property that we wanted to build on and get the purchase process for that started. However, that didn’t take long and we were able to score a nice piece of property from a family friend for a small price. The contractor worked quickly to build our home to our specifications. It didn’t take long for them to complete it and we were able to move into it shortly after that.

We are so happy with our choice to build a home rather than buy one. It is really nice and we love living on our own instead of with our parents.

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